Sausage sizzling up Alva Glen forty five years ago included the singing of the Guide promise and devotion expressed to the Queen; I’ve no right to be ashamed or surprised for in 1953 or so some nine years before my birth my gran and aunties were waving Union Flags as the Queen Mother drove through my hometown. My Gran lived in a tied house with fixed in beds where every penny was a prisoner; her sons were clever but left school early because she couldn’t afford for them to stay on and they needed to earn to keep food on the table after her man, my Granda, died.

Fast forward the best part of 60 years – we’ve a food bank in this town where I have lived most of my life; I support and applaud those who created it, but I hate the reason for its need. Poverty amidst plenty.  This hunger, want, food poverty, fuel poverty, bills we cannot pay, these arise as deliberate political moves, not through a lack of resource, but from a deficit which comprises  political ignorance and a lack of political will – there is in Scotland today in those who govern us evidence suggesting a clear inability to promote and save Scotland’s people.

Wind and wave power if correctly harnessed would solve Scotland’s energy issues overnight; but we don’t have even a plan for a state owned energy company; exports of seafood, timber and whisky should maintain a positive surplus; universal basic income payments to all adults could create and maintain an economy where all have the wherewithal to survive and prosper avoiding the quicksand of means tested benefits.

Those elected to achieve our country’s independence have stalled at the starting blocks; time they remembered who elected them, why and for what purpose – we have observed the disdain the Tories have for their Queen and for their Scottish representatives – that ought to tell us all we need to know about their evaluation of us;  let’s get out Scotland and build the country we deserve.