The Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Michael Matheson, claims that a million Scots are heading into fuel poverty and some of them will die.

Read that back. Some Scots will die – because we don’t have a government brave or wily enough to save them.

Scotland discovered oil and blew it – unlike Norway, we’ve no oil fund, just the memory of Thatcher bankrolling multiple imperial and punitive escapades on our future. 

Thanks to the cowardice and ineptitude of the Scottish Government, we’re selling off our other energy resources for a fraction of their value.

Now we see that in this energy rich nation, of wind and wave power and hydro electricity, birthplace of innumerable inventors, mechanics, engineers, scientists, pioneers, our people are starving and dying. Of hunger. And cold. 

In Scotland 2022.

Old ladies are hiding in supermarkets trying to keep warm; chemist shop assistants set aside chairs for them to rest and get a wee heat.

Elderly men bus from Dundee to Aberdeen and back for they can’t afford to stay at home and turn on the gas fire.

In the name of all that has gone before, when will Scotland awake and stand for what is right?

May God have mercy on the souls of those elected on multiple mandates to remove us from this murderous Union – for I sure as hell won’t. Will you?