The worst cost of living crisis in 50 years; fuel and food bills rocketing; supermarket shelves at times bare with poorer choices than a few months ago; pandemic, war, climate crisis – the modern day breeding ground for necessary radical change.

Single adults unemployed or on low wages shiver and starve with no end in sight

Parents go without to provide for children, families off to bed hungry, waking up with rumbling tummies

Schools feeding children who are not being fed adequately at home, children who cannot learn when hungry and tired

Men and women can’t safely work a full shift run down and burdened 

Prisons overcrowded with  trials backlogged for years; courts failing to cope with family cases. Children’s panels conducted by video;   real access to justice denied across the board to the poorest, weakest and most vulnerable.

NHS in daily torpor with rising waiting lists, late diagnoses and poor outcomes.

Scotland today – after 23 years of devolution and since 2014 multiple mandates for Independence.

What a disgrace

Scotland is not a poor country

Scotland is rich

Wind power

Wave power





Scotland’s people, an educated, outward-looking, traditionally pioneering nation, our country’s greatest resource, not unleashed, but hobbled. Hobbled by the lack of a leader with vision, force, vitality, courage and the spine to take on the might of Westminster when that place is at its weakest. And so when the rulers won’t act, it is incumbent on the people to speak.

Off yer knees Scotland – onto your feet and onto the streets. Now. Take back our country, while we can.