Scotland – here’s tae us; wha’s like us?

It is very plain to me that the life I have lived is an unusual one. 

My body isn’t the one I’d have chosen; my bone disease has led to dozens of ops and malignant deterioration. That is why I am an amputee with a titanium spine, an artificial hip and a broken tibia in my stump which accounts in parts for my current bad mood.

But I absolutely believe, for I am the living proof, that nature has a way of compensating for her shortcomings; this explains the longevity of my memory, the patience I learned over multiple hospital stays and enforced lockdown and, I hope, the ability to see beyond ill-informed tweets and cheeky comments.

Daft wee laddies think they can slag me off behind my back or to my face and get away with it. They appear to hold the view that as I say sex is immutable, that there are two sexes, and that one cannot change sex this will comprise my phobic opinions for which they will castigate me. I’m probably not allowed to call them daft or wee but I will and they can come and get me if they are so inclined.

The reality is this – women are legally entitled to single sex safe spaces. This arises from the fact that women are vulnerable to attacks from men. 

Several health authorities in Scotland allow men who self identify as women into women’s hospital wards – that is wrong, illegal and unsafe.

Women’s support organisations permit men who self identify as women into refuge and group therapy meetings. This jeopardises the mental health of female victims.

Numerous shops now have what they call gender neutral changing rooms – this is a charter for predators. It is not a smart move for shareholders either. 

In Scotland schools are legally required to have toilets designated only for girls; provision only of gender neutral toilets is not lawful. 

So there will be no apology from me when I stand up for the rights and protections of women and girls; those rights are there for reasons. You chaps from SNP and Green who deride me – ask your Mums and sisters how they feel about having males in their wards, toilets and changing rooms. I won’t hold my breath for your conduct shames our country. We deserve far better.