The Hidden Cost of Gender Reform Laws

Those who know me will know I have a lot of dealings and experience with the Scottish NHS through my Granddaughter Megan who has a very rare medical condition called FoxG1 Syndrome, Megan is Non-Verbal and non-Mobile, she has medical resistant epilepsy and requires 24-hour care.


I have in the past raised the issue of Megan’s rights to safety and dignity to same biological sex care in relation to the GRR bill, there is however another argument that the Scottish Parliament have not considered (I say Scottish Parliament and not Scottish Government because each and every one of the Parties in Parliament, SNP, Greens, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Tory and the independent have members who voted for or refused to vote against the bill), that issue is NHS services, medication and finance.


Megan was 6 years old when she finally received her diagnoses of FOXG1 syndrome before that she was a Swan (Syndrome Without a Name), there are thousands of swans in Scotland due to lack of medical research, we were lucky that a university in England was carrying out a full genetics check on a number of Swans, this meant taking blood from subjects and going through each and every gene in the body, it is a long process and in Megans case took 3 years before diagnoses, at that time there was less than 100 cases of FoxG1 diagnosed worldwide, due to the numbers diagnosed all we got from the medical profession was the name FoxG1 they did not know anything about the condition. We had to research it ourselves luckily enough through the wonders of Facebook we found other families throughout the world with the same condition, we raise funds to pay our own scientists to research therapeutics and possible cures as government funding is not available.


One of the issues with foxG1 syndrome is medical resistant epilepsy, Megans Professor of Neurology and head of paediatrics put Megan forward for CBD oil, but this was rejected by the Scottish Government medicines committee based on Fox G1 not being an approved condition to receive it, this is regardless to our children already being on non-approved medication through the approval of a specialists. Megan is on 5 seizure medication plus and emergency medication for prolonged seizures and the medical Ketogenic diet yet Megan can still have between 6-10 seizures a day and still needs to be blue lighted to hospital at times when her emergency medication does not stop her seizure.


But now the Scottish Parliament have decided anyone over the age of 16 can claim to be a gender different to their biological sex and as a result can receive dangerous puberty blockers for something they claim is not a medical condition and can cause unknown damage to the individual in later years, they can also claim the right to receive HRT which women are struggling to be prescribed because of its scarcity thereby taking a medication away from a real medical condition for a fantasy fetish, these individuals will also be able to claim the right for gender reassignment surgery from abroad because it is not carried out in this country but will be billed to our NHS.


The passing of the GRR bill not only puts children and women in danger and remove their dignity, but they also put men’s feelings above the real medical needs of others, the GRR sexual fetish is costing each and every taxpayer money, it is removing much needed funds from real health needs and wasting medical research time and money that would be better spent on real medical conditions.


It must be made clear to those who voted this bill through either by voting for it or refusing to vote against it, that we the voters will now vote against them and remove them from their privileged positions of the parliament they have refused to serve us, we therefore refuse to elect them.