Some men who blog on Scotland’s Independence seem carnaptious – Peter Bell, Wee Ginger Dug and my friend James Kelly.  They criticise other paths to Independence but don’t tend to describe their own. Roddy Barrhead Boy and Iain Lawson remain optimistic and determined favouring ALBA policies or Salvo innovations. Where are the Lady Bloggers? 

I suspect the women are on the stump talking to other women on doorsteps, in shops, workplaces and meetings, drumming up support for parties which prioritise women’s rights, needs and protections. Doing quiet work day in and out. I do hope so.

We’ve seen in the last 8 years that support for Independence hasn’t changed much if at all. Poverty has likely got worse. Life expectancy in poorer areas has. Just like drugs and alcohol related deaths and suicides.

Poor people keep dying.

Poor people die younger.

Poor people tend not to vote.

Poor people have the most to gain from Independence.

Political parties who want to change Scotland for the better have to explain to poor people why they should vote and what their votes can achieve. There’s a key in there with the votes of women because they tend to be the carers, the homemakers, the homebuilders and the nurturers. The skint.

Those parties seeking to attract the middle ground don’t work for or deserve power. Scotland needs politicians who represent the majority – that means Jock Tamson’s bairns and all those who kent ye when the snotters tripped ye and there was no arse in your trousers. Wise words won’t galvanise that constituency but direct action will.